How To Become a High-Value Man/Woman


High valuable signifies to be high of value. A person who is high of value therefore must have high standards for themselves. It's in our human nature to pay more attention or invest more more in people who perceive themselves being highly worthy. How you perceive yourself is what you will attract to you. When you set high standards you become more respected. 

A common mistake among people is that they are afraid to raise their standards, because of the result of losing an opportunity or a person. While in actuality, the opposite often happens. What happens when we lower our standards is that we extend our power to external resources, in order for us to feel worthy or validated. The result of this is simply inaffective since true value comes from within.



No one is able to treat you wrongly, if you don't allow it. No one can also treat you how you desire to be seen or treated, if you don't view yourself that way first. An example: one might fall in love and find someone who attempts boosting their confidence, but if the individual would remain feeling insecure, the partner also remains viewing their partner to be insecure. Meaning, perceiving low sense of self-worth or low self-value.

To view yourself as "not enough" or "unworthy" is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Fear is the greatest energy vampire. Fear blocks manifestation. Remind yourself that there is nothing to fear about. You will not lose anything or anyone by raising standards. And if you do, you would want to lose it anyway. The only thing to fear is losing your self-value and there is nothing more important than that.



Demand respect and demand to be heard and seen. Don't ever settle for less than you deserve because if you do, you are devaluing yourself. You are not plain or mediocre, you are the God of your reality. You have all the abilities within yourself to create the life of your dreams. Once you understand this you stop perceiving yourself as a victim. You decide how you will be perceived and treated by the outside environment and you decide what it is that you will get out of life.

Becoming your best and highest valuable version is fairly easy. When you decide that you truly want to be this person, you will become that person. You just have to make that decision and recognize that you are not any less than anything or anyone else and that you deserve the very best. Your respect is your consent. Live according to your values and your life will become a reflection of that.



Talk, walk, dress, think and act like the person you desire to be every single day. The reason why celebrities have become the person that they are, is that they imagined the character they have become over and over. When you imagine yourself being someone for long enough, you start to view yourself as that person until you eventually become it.

Take care of yourself out of pure self-love. Engage in activities that make you feel better, smarter or more beautiful; such as fitness or reading a book. If you lack self-love, you might want to practice this first by always being gentle with yourself and talking to yourself positively on a daily basis.

Most of this is about perception and perception means everything since it creates reality. If you change the way you view yourself, you will change your whole life. When you reach that point of seeing yourself as the most valuable person possible, you will receive everything you have ever wished for.